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Project Description

Ceduna Youth Hub

We first opened our doors in 2012 to provide a key point of engagement and connection in a positive environment for our young people where there was none before. The Youth Hub operates under an integrated service model for the young people of our community encompassing those aged 12 to 25 years old.

The Youth Hub provides a safe, central location to facilitate two-way engagement processes between young people, their community and service providers.

This work involves

  • Providing positive engagement and diversionary program opportunities for young people at risk of the harms and challenges that accompany social isolation, alcohol and substance abuse, family violence, offending, gambling and poor mental health.

  • Working with community organisations and service providers to ensure the delivery of targeted activities, services and awareness programs for youth especially with regard personal support and development as well as education and employment pathways.

  • Supporting the development of young leaders through our Youth Support Mentor program and offering pathways to personal development and growth, opportunity to be involved in the community and ultimately, an employment pathway.


Ceduna Youth Hub offers the following

  • Drop-In Service Monday to Friday from 9 am to 5 pm.

  • After-hours events including Discos and Activity Nights.

  • Comprehensive School Holiday Programs.

  • Additional 15 hours Drop-In during daylight savings period on Thursday/Friday evenings and Saturdays.

  • A Multimedia Studio to create short films as well as record and produce music.

  • Place based Work for the Dole activity for young job seekers.

  • Engagement point for service providers and organisations to develop relationships with young people and offer outreach programs.

Focus areas are :
Developing Community Connection
Improving Education Outcomes
Increasing Job Readiness
Creating Employment Pathways
Providing Personal Support and Mentoring


The Ceduna Youth Hub has a loyal client base which sees return engagement from a cohort of over 250 individual young people translating to averages of 150 individual youth contacts per week depending on programming schedules and peak times of engagement such as school holidays.

The 2016/17 financial year is developing as an exciting time as the Youth Hub looks forward to expanding its opportunities for young people. Site development, the growing Youth Mentor Program and taking the lead in community projects all create and build on positive outcomes and a strong partnership with young people.

The Youth Hub’s success is testament to the contribution from the young people of Ceduna as well as the dedication and commitment from the Youth Hub staff and supporters.

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